can't open hda1 icon on desktop

Alan McKinnon alan at
Wed Mar 1 08:48:34 UTC 2006

On Wednesday, 1 March 2006 03:45, alex wrote:
> I have no intention of deserting ubuntu and going back to Windows.
>  It's just that with instances like this, I sometimes run Windows
> to do something that I don't know how to do in ubuntu.  In this
> case, I used ubuntu to download a file that was supposed to go into
> a ntfs system.

Months of painful experience have taught me this very simple lesson:

On a dual boot machine, always create an extra FAT partition - 1G is 
usually more than enough. It's the easiest way to be able to write a 
file in Linux that Windows will need later. A FAT memory stick serves 
the same purpose, but isn't as handy as having a disk partition that 
is always available

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