can't open hda1 icon on desktop

alex radsky at
Wed Mar 1 01:45:26 UTC 2006

Loïc Martin wrote:

> Max Andersen a écrit :
>> alex wrote:
>>> Problem solved....... Too much of a hastle  doing it in ubuntu so  I 
>>> downloaded it  with Windows XP
>>> I was hoping to do all my internet work with ubuntu but apparently 
>>> there are still some limitations. .
>> The limitation is your ntfs..... and a file is not ntfs. the 
>> filesystem is ntfs. Big difference. But if this simple problem scared 
>> you of, it's a wise choice leaving ubuntu. Because larger problems 
>> than that arise when using open source against closed source.
>> Sincerely
>> Max
Let's just say that the file of interest was intended to be used in a 
ntfs system.

> That's neither really nice nor true. The fact Alex prefers to use XP 
> *atm* for *this task* doesn't make it any wiser to leave Ubuntu. In 
> fact, he never stated he was going to do it. Keeping XP for a while 
> just for the few tasks he still doesn't know how to do on Linux while 
> *keeping* Ubuntu for all the tasks that are unwise to do on XP 
> (especially for beginners) seems the wisest choice.
> Cheers,
I have no intention of deserting ubuntu and going back to Windows.  It's 
just that with instances like this, I sometimes run Windows to do 
something that I don't know how to do in ubuntu.  In this case, I used 
ubuntu to download a file that was supposed to go into a ntfs system.

My Windows XP is used by my great-grandchildren when they visit.  They 
bring their own CDs.

alex aka elmo

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