can't open hda1 icon on desktop

Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Wed Mar 1 11:32:45 UTC 2006

alex wrote:
> Loïc Martin wrote:
>> Max Andersen a écrit :
>>> alex wrote:
>>>> Problem solved....... Too much of a hastle  doing it in ubuntu so  
>>>> I downloaded it  with Windows XP
>>>> I was hoping to do all my internet work with ubuntu but apparently 
>>>> there are still some limitations. .
>>> The limitation is your ntfs..... and a file is not ntfs. the 
>>> filesystem is ntfs. Big difference. But if this simple problem 
>>> scared you of, it's a wise choice leaving ubuntu. Because larger 
>>> problems than that arise when using open source against closed source.
>>> Sincerely
>>> Max
> Let's just say that the file of interest was intended to be used in a 
> ntfs system.
Then if the aforementioned solution could be an easy way to solve the pb 
: create a fat32 partition both Ubuntu and XP can access, then use that 
one to transfer your files. In fact, you could do like a lot of people : 
create a big fat32 partition that will contain all your personal files, 
then create symbolic links to your home folder in Ubuntu. Anyway, one 
using XP should always have 2 partitions, one for the system and its 
applications, the other (the fat32 one) with all of the users' data. 
That way, each time you have to reinstall XP (because your grandchildren 
would have messed it up) you can do it painlessly.

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