Upgrading to Edgy Eft

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Fri Jun 30 18:04:44 UTC 2006

Doug Rintoul wrote:
> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Doug Rintoul wrote:
>>> This is mainly addressed to those who would like to see a new mailing
>>> list set up to address edgy users' needs. If the forum addresses those
>>> needs then there is no reason to have a new mailing list.
>> Yes, there is. A web forum in no way normally qualifies as a
>> replacement for a mailing list. Those are different things.
> Did you miss the "if" part of my statement?

Guess the so. Sorry about that.

> Web forums and mailings list are two different things, but they have
> similar goals.


> I have used both to successfully to find answers to my
> questions and to disseminate information. However, upon reflection, I
> can see where a mailing list would be preferable to a forum for those
> who have good email connections, but not good web connections.
> I am curious as to other disadvantages of a forum over a mailing list. I
> have never really thought about it before. Care to expand on your statement?

Disadvantages of web forums:

- It's only accessible via web, not via e-mail.
- Posts can be modified and even removed later on.
- If the host is gone, so are all the posts - not so with mail archives

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