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Ylan Segal ylan.segal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 17:55:13 UTC 2006

Doug Rintoul wrote:
> Web forums and mailings list are two different things, but they have
> similar goals. I have used both to successfully to find answers to my
> questions and to disseminate information. However, upon reflection, I
> can see where a mailing list would be preferable to a forum for those
> who have good email connections, but not good web connections.
> I am curious as to other disadvantages of a forum over a mailing list. I
> have never really thought about it before. Care to expand on your statement?

I prefer mailing lists to web forums because then I can use my favorite
client to read the messages, marked them as I will, see them in indented
threads, archive what I think I might need later, etc. Web forums force
me to use a particular interface which I usually find difficult to
follow, and generally have poor quoting capabilities which I consider
essential to follow a long conversation.

Better than mailing list are newsgroups: They pretty much offer the same
customization (there are a _ton_ of clients out there) but have a huge
advantage IMHO: Mail messages are "pushed" to my inbox and I sometimes
access my inbox from a web interface, which makes it hard to sort
through all the mailing list posts to read more pressing messages. Using
newsgroups, I "pull" the messages whenever I want to read them without
cluttering my inbox.

Luckily, gmane.org exists which lets you read (and post to) many mailing
list as though they are newsgroups. I am using gmane right now, and I
love it.


"The universe is not required to be in
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~ Carl Sagan

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