Upgrading Beta Release from CD

Arjun Shankar arjunsha at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 06:23:39 UTC 2006

Peter said:

> The problem here is that unlike previous releases, the shipit CD now lacks
> the full complement of packages on the disc. In order to do what you are
> trying to do you would need the "alternate" 6.06 CD , which is the
> equivalent of the "old" Install CD.

So does that mean that the "alternate" CD (the install CD from the
cdimage site, right?) has more than the CD that Shipit supplies?

> Apparently the way the Desktop CD is made does not use packages, so
> apt-cdrom add won't find what you need - at least that is my understanding
> of the issue.

Oh! So it's meant only for fresh installs. I haven't really tried out
the install from the Shipit CD, I have only a laptop and no other
computer, so I dont want to screw around with whats already running on
it (namely, the old alpha Dapper, now beta after upgrades ofcourse,
with a lot of changes to my taste). I guess I will go back to college
and download a copy of the CD I need, and maybe give away the Shipit
one (can't bear to waste those!).


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