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Chris Neary hello at poetofcode.org
Tue Jun 27 08:13:22 UTC 2006

In Gmail for me, it's quite simple. Just set up a filter for where mail is
from and/or to the list address, which is how Mailman lists seem to work. I
have one setup for my local LUG list aswell (lug.org.uk uses Mailman too).

On 27/06/06, Cameron Hutchison <camh at xdna.net> wrote:
> JD wrote:
> >to anybody who maintains this mailing list ... please attach an
> >automatic unique prefix to the subject; that way we can easily organize
> >any mail that come from this server to a specific folder in my email
> >client. But without such a prefix like '[slackware-mail]' or ''[gentoo]'
> >then all those mails from this servers will get ^%$^&*-ed together with
> >my other mails.
> I already easily organise my email into separate folders based on mailing
> list - you can do the same too. It a prefix was added to the subject, for
> me it would be redundant and just waste limited space on the subject line.
> Instead of trying to bend the world to your will, look to change yourself.
> You're much more likely to succeed. If you tell us what email client you
> use, I'm sure there's many people here who would help you set it up.
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