Top-posting [Was: Installing with apt-get]

Ylan Segal ylan.segal at
Thu Jun 22 15:45:57 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:54:37 +0300
> "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at> wrote:
>>As I'm I newcommer to the list, however, I don't feel
>>that my own opinion matters and I want to know what is the expected
>>behaviour on the list. When in Rome, I'll do as the Romans do...
> The convention on this list is to bottom post or intersperse replies  
> in the quoted text. Incidentally, that's pretty much the convention on
> every linux list I've ever been involved with.

And it is also the convention on Usenet (at least on the newsgroups that
I read). Actually, I read this mailing list through gmane, so from my
point of view, it *is* a newsgroup.

> People who don't follow the conventions are simply making it harder for
> everyone else, so it seems to me that one ought to go along with it, as
> you've said.

Not just everyone else, for themselves too. A top-poster, will
presumably continue reading threads that he/she top-posts in!


"The universe is not required to be in
perfect harmony with human ambition"
~ Carl Sagan

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