Top-posting [Was: Installing with apt-get]

Chanchao custom at
Thu Jun 22 01:55:44 UTC 2006

I don't mind one or the other either, but of course top-posting requires 
    a lot more attention to your writing, as you have to frame your 
comments within a quick reference of what you are replying to.  This 
takes a lot more time than to just leave 1-2-3 lines of quoted text, 
then reply below that.  This is much faster/easier for the WRITER, and 
also easy to follow for anyone reading the discussion. This is 
especially true in a technical discussion where many issues are debated. 
  To top-post a readable reply that addresses a variety of issues is 
hard work!

But anyway, for a short comment such as 'Well basically I don't give a 
flying ferret', yeah, I guess you might as well top post that. :)

Note to others, don't paint HTML posters and top posters with the same 
brush!!  It's perfectly possible to be partial to one without doing the 
other. :P

(And note my neutral stance in this, as indicated by not quoting 
anything. :))


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