Top-posting [Was: Installing with apt-get]

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Thu Jun 22 00:14:38 UTC 2006

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:54:37 +0300
"Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at> wrote:

> As I'm I newcommer to the list, however, I don't feel
> that my own opinion matters and I want to know what is the expected
> behaviour on the list. When in Rome, I'll do as the Romans do...

The convention on this list is to bottom post or intersperse replies  
in the quoted text. Incidentally, that's pretty much the convention on
every linux list I've ever been involved with.

Most people also snip text that isn't relevant to their replies, as well .

People who don't follow the conventions are simply making it harder for
everyone else, so it seems to me that one ought to go along with it, as
you've said.


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