Ubuntu dapper drake question (running ubuntu-6.06-desktop)

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 10:42:55 UTC 2006

Hi Henk,

> Ah, the root terminal... You just discovered the Ubuntu policy of not
> doing administrative task as root user, but to use sudo in a user
> terminal
> instead. On the liveCD no user password is required for using sudo,
> but on
> the final installed version it is required.

On running "su -" it popup

I have no way to create/add root password on user's terminal.  IIRC on
5.10 Live CD there was an item on the drop-menu to add root password. 
OR there was a root terminal there.  But I could not discover it on
version 6.0.6.

> About setting up an internet connection, this is done in the System
> ->
> Administration -> Networking menu, provided that the interface is
> available there. For example, the wireless interface wlan0: highlight
> it
> and select Properties to enable the interface, pick the essid of
> choice
> and use DHCP or a static setup; then activate the interface and
> select it
> as default gateway. A wired eth0 interface would require less setup.

I found it and have been looking around on it.  The network card also
detected.  My problem is my ISP only supply dynamic IP.  I was at a
lost there.

> For fiddling around with pppoe in a terminal use sudo, see above.
I'm used to running pppoe-setup/config which is simpler to me.



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