Ubuntu dapper drake question (running ubuntu-6.06-desktop)

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Wed Jun 21 10:24:24 UTC 2006

Stephen Liu wrote:

> I have "ubuntu-6.06-desktop-amd64.iso" download and burned on CD.  The
> latter is now working.  

> 1) I can't find root terminal.  On "Accessories" drop-list only users'
> terminal can be found.  Where can I add root password to su it to root

Ubuntu doesn't have a root terminal. In Ubuntu, the default way of doing 
things is using 'sudo' every time you need to do something that requires 
root privileges.   Everything you ever wanted to know about root, su and 
sudo can be found here:


Of course, if you really really still want a root terminal then you can 
make one by adding a menu item or a shortcut that does something like 
'gksudo gnome-terminal'.

> 2) Where can I connect ADSL broadband in the absence of root terminal

Is this an ADSL modem (USB for example) or a ADSL router that you 
connect to with a normal LAN cable?  The last one is by far easier to 
connect with.  That you can just set up in the System Menu, then 
Administration, then Networking.

> 3) If on root terminal whether to run;
> # pppoe-setup/config to establish broadband connection.

For ADSL modem use, go here:




In general, for almost all answers on setting up and running Ubuntu, the 
http://wiki.ubuntu.com page is an excellent source of information, and 
very clearly written too.

Another good approach for 'learning the basics' is to start at the 
Ubuntu desktop documentation.  (System -> Help ) then look for the 
Desktop user guide.  It's really very interesting and helpful to read.


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