pdf in OpenOffice Impress and Dapper

Russell Davie rjrd at exemail.com.au
Fri Jun 16 23:47:54 UTC 2006


Using OpenOffice Impress in Dapper: How can the slides handouts be printed to pdf ?

ie  4 slides to a page like MS PP.

To do this in Breezy, I used cups-pdf virtual printer in either OOv1.1.5 or OOv1.9 to do this.

For Breezy, the OOv1.12 has a print management tool /usr/bin/oopadmin to make OO aware of the cups-pdf printer. 

Then to print, just went to "print", selected pdf printer and sent up to print handouts.

In Dapper and OOv2.02, the cups-pdf printer is not seen by OO and /usr/bin/oopadmin doesn't seem to exist.

As a workaround, I print to a ps file, then open a terminal and run ps2pdf on the ps file.

What would be a better way to do this?



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