Changing the kernel in Ubuntu 6.06 server install

Liam Proven lproven at
Fri Jun 16 15:17:24 UTC 2006

I've just tried wiping & reinstalling my home web server with Dapper.
It's a Pentium 1 133MHz, 128MB RAM, 5GB / and 215MB dedicated swap
hard disk.

Dapper doesn't detect my ISA NIC or SCSI card, but that's OK, I can
configure them manually post-install.

However, on the 1st reboot after installation, as soon as the kernel
starts to boot, the machine does a cold reset.

I've asked on the UbuntuServer development list & apparently the
kernel is compiled for 686. My processor is a 586. A 386-optimised
kernel is included on the CD, they tell me, but how can I change the
installed kernel, when I can't even boot the OS?

Is there any way to select what kernel is in use while installing the system?

I've tried doing a server install of 5.10 on the same hardware. It's
fine. If I apt-get dist-upgrade to Dapper, I guess I could choose the
kernel to use by apt-getting in the 386 version before I reboot.
That's fine.

But how can I do a clean install on a 586-level machine? I still have
several of these in use!

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