Getting wifi to work

Alexander Skwar listen at
Tue Jun 13 07:52:28 UTC 2006

Henk Koster wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 23:18:08 +0200, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Despite the fact, that I'm not yet able to install Ubuntu on my HD, I'd
>> like to get my wireless card to work.
>> I'm using a "Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5212 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)"
>> which uses the madwifi driver. The AP is a Linksys WRT-54GS running
>> OpenWrt firmware. I'm using WEP.
>> According to <>, I need
>> to do "sudo iwpriv authmode 2", as I'm using WEP. After I ran that command,
>> which returned nothing and I thus expect that it succeeded, I started
>> the network admin tool from (System)->(Administration)->(Networking) and
>> selected the ath0 device, which got created automatically during boot.
>> I then selected "settings" and entered my hex WEP key. For the key, I
>> tried it with and without dashes, ie.
>> 	3D26-72EE-AFFE-7EE1-5FDD-8A1E-77
>> 	3D2672EEAFFE7EE15FDD8A1E77
>> (that's not the actual key...). When I then activated ath0, it took
>> quite some time and in /var/log/daemon.log I could see, that dhclient
>> was trying to get a DHCP response. It didn't get one.
>> Well - what to do next?
>> Thanks,
>> Alexander Skwar
> You're booted from the Dapper liveCD, I take it?

Sure, as installation doesn't work, that's the only possible way
to start Ubuntu for me.

> And does dmesg 
> show that the madwifi driver is loaded and recognizes your NIC?

I'm not in Ubuntu right now, but wifi0 and ath0 is created during
boot - so I suppose that all is fine.

> Then all you need to do is open the System -> Administration ->
> Networking menu, select the ath0 interface and hit Properties.
> Then select the essid, enter the hex WEP key and select DHCP. 
> After accepting these settings, activating the interface should 
> work... 

Fine. And how *does* it work? :) As I wrote, I did exactly that
and it does not work. What to do, to get Wifi to work?

Alexander Skwar
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