Need help with iRiver T10 with Breezy!

ZephyrQ zephyrq at
Tue Jun 13 02:19:29 UTC 2006

Peter N. Spotts wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 18:14 -0500, ZephyrQ wrote:
>> 	Didn't know when I bought it how difficult it was going to be...and I 
>> need it for vacation and do NOT want to have to purchase XP just to fill 
>> my mp3 player!
>> 	Device manager reads the device, but I cannot/do not remember how to 
>> mount it...and I need to upgrade the firmware to convert it from a MTP 
>> to UMS device so linux can read and put files on it.
>> 	Anyone with some steps to get this done?  I haven't upgraded to Dapper 
>> yet because I didn't want to have to deal with upgrade issues before I 
>> leave town for 2 weeks!
> Others may have different suggestions, but for starters, try running
> fdisk -l at in a terminal at the command prompt and see if the iRiver
> shows up (I use an iRiver iHP-120). If it does, note the dev
> identification, i.e. /def/sda1 . Then from the terminal as sudo, type
> mount /dev/sda1 and see if it mounts. The hint: No error messages and a
> fresh, blank command prompt. ;-)
> Perhaps it's because my iRiver shows up as fat32, 6.06 has no problem
> uploading or downloading files...oh, yes, at least on my machine, I can
> only write to my iRiver as sudo. I've not troubleshot that one
> really doesn't matter to me at this point...
	It did not show up in fdisk -l.  It is listed in the device manager as 
a iRiver T10 USB vendor specific interface.  My guess is that is my 

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