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On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 12:51:01 +0700, alvonsius albert wrote:

> Okay okay relax everybody :D

I probably just should have ignored it. 

> Humm, sorry if I must ask another question, what is the Totem's error
> message? And do you have any problem with the previous episode of the film
> (as I notice it was the 12th episode). Maybe the file was corrupt or
> broken?

The error I'm getting is "Totem could not play file://..(the rest of the

And then "There is no plugin to handle this movie."

I thought I just had a bad file too, so I downloaded it again.  I had the
same problem.  So I downloaded a copy that was twice the size and claimed
to be HD.  I had the same problem with it.  I haven't had any problems
with previous episodes of the same series.  Now this is all coming from
anonymous bit torrent sites so there isn't any real quality control, but
there are quite a number of others that are seeding the files.  One would
think that at least some of these would have tried them.  I don't seem to
be having any difficulty in getting them downloaded.  I'm using Azureus. 
I think it checks the file using some kind of hash and that seems to work

> If you're using Dapper and xine, have you installed libxine-extracodecs
> (it's on universe repository I think) ?

I'm actually using Breezy and xine.  Will this work for Breezy?  I haven't
overcome my fear of the upgrade yet.  

> Last one, try using MPlayer :p

Synaptic seems to be broken.  Did something bad happen when the Dapper
release was made?  I can't seem to get to the repositories in my
sources.list file anymore.  I'll try MPlayer when this is resolved.   


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