Installing in existing LVM Volume Group?

Alexander Skwar listen at
Mon Jun 12 21:03:54 UTC 2006

Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Sarangan Thuraisingham wrote:
>> Clunky, ha ha. It doesn't work at all if you try the normal LiveCD 
>> install. The GUI partitioner seems to recognise the volumes as separate 
>> disks. In the next step, where you select the root and swap partions, it 
>> only display physical partitions.
> Hm.
> I used the normal Desktop CD and ran the installer. It seemed to
> recognise the volumes but then didn't display anything at all
> at step 5. When I clicked on "Next" (after having selected nothing),
> the installer crashed.


I now used the alternate install CD and selected "install in
text mode". It recognised the existing normal partitions but
did not let me choose from the existing LVs. Should it have
done so? What have I done wrong?

Alexander Skwar
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