removable drives no longer automount after upgrade to dapper

solemneyed solemneyed at
Sat Jun 10 02:14:55 UTC 2006

My thanks to those who *respectfully* suggested that the error was mine, and
my middle finger for those who did so rudely.  :-P

I followed the upgrade instructions on the ubuntu site, and the results
sucked.  For those of you with better luck, I congratulate you.  However, I
think the problem here is that *luck* seems to be the most significant
factor at work.

I know I should do a clean install, but I still tend to resist the idea of
reinstalling every app I regularly use, each time the distro is upgraded.


On 6/9/06, Michael Satterwhite <michael at> wrote:
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> Rick Chagouri-Brindle wrote:
> > I would respectfully suggest that perhaps some part of the upgrade was
> > not performed correctly as I have been using Dapper as my main
> > production machine - upgraded from Breezy - without any issues.
> While I'm happy that your upgrade worked fine, that's not the case with
> everyone. I'm not the person that wrote the message you're replying to,
> but after upgrading to Dapper today
>    (1) Printing is down
>    (2) Sound is down
>    (3) the USB devices no longer hotplug (which, of course causes #1)
> As to the assumption of incorrect upgrade, here's the instructions from
> the wiki
>    (1) Change all references of Breezy to Dapper
>    (2) Do a sudo apt-get update
>    (3) Do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
> That doesn't leave much room for error.
> I've posted the problems I've had since then to the list, but it doesn't
> appear (at this point) that anyone knows how to address them. If I don't
> get any answers soon, I'll get my Breezy CD and do an initial install /
> fallback and write Dapper off as a lost cause. I always like to check a
> system early so I can advise my clients. In this case, when asked, I'm
> going to tell them to avoid Dapper like the plague.
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