removable drives no longer automount after upgrade to dapper

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Fri Jun 9 23:42:13 UTC 2006

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Rick Chagouri-Brindle wrote:
> I would respectfully suggest that perhaps some part of the upgrade was
> not performed correctly as I have been using Dapper as my main
> production machine - upgraded from Breezy - without any issues.

While I'm happy that your upgrade worked fine, that's not the case with
everyone. I'm not the person that wrote the message you're replying to,
but after upgrading to Dapper today

   (1) Printing is down
   (2) Sound is down
   (3) the USB devices no longer hotplug (which, of course causes #1)

As to the assumption of incorrect upgrade, here's the instructions from
the wiki

   (1) Change all references of Breezy to Dapper
   (2) Do a sudo apt-get update
   (3) Do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

That doesn't leave much room for error.

I've posted the problems I've had since then to the list, but it doesn't
appear (at this point) that anyone knows how to address them. If I don't
get any answers soon, I'll get my Breezy CD and do an initial install /
fallback and write Dapper off as a lost cause. I always like to check a
system early so I can advise my clients. In this case, when asked, I'm
going to tell them to avoid Dapper like the plague.

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