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Thu Jun 8 22:59:12 UTC 2006

> This is really not a separate email system. What the Webmail does 
> is basically use your PC as a SMTP/POP server. How to set it all up 
> is all on the website. It's quite easy.
> There are 3 ways which the Hotmail sub-extension works.
>  From the website:
> "The Hotmail extension has three methods of communication with 
> Microsoft's servers (ScreenScraper, WebDav, and Beta). The screen 
> scraper method parses the web page for the necessary information. 
> Weddav is the same method Outlook and Outlook Express use to 
> communication with Microsoft's. Beta is used to communicate with 
> the Beta Hotmail site.
> The Webdav method is faster and more reliable than the screen 
> scraper methods but is restricted to old free accounts or paid 
> accounts."
> I don't have MSN to test it, but it works very well for Hotmail 
> (samething, different stink). While it may be a little slow(I use 
> screen scrapper) WebDAV claims to be faster.  Just try it before 
> you see if it's not for you. I really like it as I can access my 
> hotmail accounts in Thunderbird with ease. I hate going to the 
> clunky MSN Hotmail site. I use Thunderbird for everything and this 
> is a really convenient extension for me. What do you have to lose 
> in trying it?

Thank you for your thoughts on this.

I can access my MSN account in "webmail" mode via just about any web browser but that does not pull the messages or contact information down off MSN's webmail access via HotMail for storage and use on the computer.  The issue is using POP3/SMTP natively to pull and send email to the MSN POP3/SMTP servers (non-Hotmail mode) which requires that the email client properly support Microsoft Secure Authentication protocol.  If I wanted to use IMAP or HTTP, I already could do that with Evolution or an other client but as things now, I am heavily entrenced in Mozilla mail as that is where all my current email and contact/address book information lives.  I was able to install Mozilla 1.7.13 on both Fedora Core 5 and SuSE 10.1 but it won't install to Dapper.  Mozilla 1.7.12, available from the universe repository, installs okay, but then when I try to connect to MSN using it, 1.7.12 reports back that MSN does not support Secure Authenication when it fact, it not only does it support it but requires it.

> > My issue is that even though I am running Linux, I use MSN for my 
> > email via POP3/SMTP and that requires that the email client 
> > properly supports Secure Authentication in the Microsoft way.  
> > Unless I can get Mozilla working working on Ubuntu, this is a bit 
> > of a road block for me in using Dapper on a day to day basis.  
> > The real mystery to me is why/how secure authentication was 
> > "broken" in the current versions of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey 
> > such that Mozilla 1.7.13 is the only thing that seems to work on 
> > the Linux side of the world.
> >
> > Thanks for your thoughts on this but going to a seperate email 
> > system doesn't work for me when all my address and email are 
> > stuck in the pop3/smtp world and locked to MSN due to that being 
> > my "known" email address.
> >
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