how to debug broken hibernate?

Eric Hanchrow offby1 at
Tue Jun 6 16:59:02 UTC 2006

Hmm, I added the "resume" clause to the kopt line, ran update-grub,
rebooted, and now hibernation seems to be working!  Thanks.

Two minor whines, though:

* It seems much slower than Windows XP (which I've also got installed
  on this machine) -- both hibernation proper, and resuming, spend
  perhaps a minute with the disk buzzing;

* rather to my surprise, it didn't ask for a password when it resumed
  -- it just plopped me back into my desktop.  Seems insecure.

In the movie Ghostbusters, there's a sign in the background of
one scene that says, "Danger! 10,000 Ohms!" I cannot explain to
laymen why people like me think that is uproariously funny.
        -- Steven den Beste

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