CJK Chinese Japanese Korean Input Method configuration using SCIMin Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake - testing needed

daninchina ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Mon Jun 5 01:53:13 UTC 2006

Thanks for the wiki link!

I tried to revert some of the software packages per your suggestion.
However, I wasn't sure how to do that.

So, I opened up synaptic and after I searched for language packs and
locale packs, that my system (according to synaptic) was missing these

I tried downloading them, and after that, I could get the im-switch
command working from a terminal (previously, I got errors like
seshomaru samma, where the command didn't exist)

However, after logging-out, re-logging in, and then trying again to get
im-switch working, I'd get the following message in the terminal:

(I also switched my locale to en_US.UTF-8 since I thought that might
create less issues)...

sudo im-switch -z en_US -s scim-hangul

No alternatives defined for language en_US

Now, I think I'm either really close to getting this to work or really
needing to start all over again.

Any suggestions for either:

1. Somehow defining the alternatives like the system is requesting in
the terminal now?


2. How to revert to a "SCIM"-less state (if necessary) to try
installation EXACTLY per Loic Martin's wiki?

I really appreciate everyone's help!

Take it easy,



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