Desktop freeze; Hardware, Software?

Jonathan Nelson ciasaboark at
Mon Jan 30 21:25:26 UTC 2006

On Sunday 29 January 2006 04:02 pm, Shelagh Manton wrote:
> Over the past few weeks my desktop has frozen occasionally. The mouse
> works but nothing else does.

It may very well be a program grabbing the keypresses.  I've had this happen 
in KDE with both juk and amarok.  Right clicking on their systray icon will 
normally send whatever keys you've pressed, else clicking the kmenu->run 
command and choosing a previously typed (since you can't type now) command 
'killall amarokapp; amarok' works.

If you can click on the widgets without anything happening, this this probably 
wont work for you, but its worth a shot.
Live free or die.

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