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Kent Borg kentborg at
Thu Jan 26 15:41:05 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 04:17:27PM +1100, Peter Garrett wrote:
> I do agree, though, that the Ubuntu installer should have a BIG RED
> SCREEN that no-one can miss, explaining sudo ;-)

Actually, just because one is frustrated by a repeated question
doesn't mean one should scream at the user when a quiet tone would
work better.  

Pro: People trying Ubuntu will include a lot of people who are coming
from other Linux distributions.  Slowing them down in the installation
with a screen that, at first glance, appears to ask for root details
but actually explains that there is no root password, is appealing.

Con: If Ubuntu is for "people" then explaining why there is no root
password when most people have never heard of a root password is added
confusion.  Every little bit of added confusion matters, it all adds

Suggestion: Add to the installation a question that experienced Linux
people will answer one way and civilians will answer the other way.
Maybe something like: "Have you used Linux before?"  For those who say
"yes" you put up a screen that says something like: "There are some
differences between Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. ..." and
there point out the sudo issue, maybe mention a few of the graphical
tools for things that usually require text editing, say where in the
menus the terminal is hidden, and mostly point to further

Actually, maybe this should happen at first login.  Right now (in
Breezy) nothing special happens at first login.  Maybe put up a web
browser with useful starting points on its starting page.  On
subsequent logins do NOT automatically fireup a web browser, but when
the user fires up a web browser show the same starting page.

The current starting page spends too much time saying how great Ubuntu
is.  Anyone who gets to that point probably already thinks it is
pretty good.  Better to start with "What do I do now?" information.
Leave the horn blowing there, but put it below the fold.

(Is anyone interested in these ideas?  If so, where do they belong?
Is something like this already planned?)


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