Default root password

Chanchao custom at
Fri Jan 27 03:36:36 UTC 2006

Hello Kent,

Thursday, January 26, 2006, 10:41:05 PM, you wrote:

KB> Pro: People trying Ubuntu will include a lot of people who are coming
KB> from other Linux distributions.  Slowing them down in the installation
KB> with a screen that, at first glance, appears to ask for root details
KB> but actually explains that there is no root password, is appealing.

KB> Con: If Ubuntu is for "people" then explaining why there is no root
KB> password when most people have never heard of a root password is added
KB> confusion.

Yes, you're completely correct on that. Also the less blurb &
distractions during installation the better it is. I would add
information only when people are actually doing stuff related to
root/sudo/administation issues. For example, when someone tries to log
in as "root" then that's a perfect time and place to smother the geeky
SOB in the Ubuntu-mantra. :)

Same when someone types 'su' in a terminal window, or when the user
types a wrong password in the box that pops up when starting to do
administration stuff.

People simply don't read long information texts, or manuals,
ESPECIALLY not people who (think they) are exprienced.

KB> Actually, maybe this should happen at first login.  Right now (in
KB> Breezy) nothing special happens at first login.  Maybe put up a web
KB> browser with useful starting points on its starting page.

People don't read it. Especially not people experienced in Linux.

KB> On subsequent logins do NOT automatically fireup a web browser,
KB> but when the user fires up a web browser show the same starting
KB> page.

Doesn't it do that already? The default startup page has links to all
places where people can get help or support, doesn't it? Not 100%
positive because I never read it and the very first thing I do after
installing Ubuntu is setting the default home page to :)


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