syncing my palm pda with ubuntu

hanzjordan at hanzjordan at
Thu Jan 26 11:22:21 UTC 2006

It's been a year and I have forgotten what I did to get it working.

Please help.

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 09:37:33PM +0900, hanzjordan at wrote:
> i'd like to sync my palm pda with my ubuntu computer. I have a Palm Zire.
> Basic PIM data is all i need synchronized: calendar, tasks, contacts,
> notes. In the Ubuntu 4.10 Hoary days, i was able to successfully sync
> my visor Pro (palm os) pda with J-Pilot. I'm willing to use J-Pilot
> again. How do i do so?

The same way you used to, I would guess.

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