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Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at
Thu Jan 26 03:37:52 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-25-01 at 21:20 -0600, Richard Dennis Colbert Jr wrote:

> Let me ask you a question. Have you ever installed Windows 3.1, 3.51, 
> NT4, 2000, or XP and had it ask you for the default password (for 
> Administrator) or had it tell you that you needed to SET THE PASSWORD?

No.  It instead makes your account an administrator account.  The
administration Just Works<tm> as a result.  Someone asking, however,
about a root account on a UNIX-like system is obviously familiar with
the UNIX model of doing things.  Ubuntu is different from every other
fucking operating system in existence in that it doesn't have a
specialised adminstrator account (or at least attached privs) and
instead has a special command to access administration privileges.

When you are different from anybody else -- in this case neither
providing the default user with root privs (like most non-UNIX OSes) and
not providing a root account (like most UNIX-alikes) -- you should
fucking document your differences!  This especially if you go off
touting how fucking simple to use your operating system is compared to
Those Other People's<tm>.

> I didn't fucking think so, now move on already!

How about you do me the honour of just fucking off?

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