Default root password

Richard Dennis Colbert Jr richard at
Thu Jan 26 03:07:00 UTC 2006

> Guess who was up all night trying (and failing) to get Ubuntu to produce
> sound?
> --
Dude, you are a serious cry baby! I have only ever installed Ubuntu 1 
time prior to today and it was on my iMac which the version of Ubuntu I 
was using was designed SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT MACHINE so I didn't have to 
shit but sit and wait for my desktop to appear. With that said, I 
installed Ubuntu today (AS MY ONLY OS) on my MAIN COMPUTER to replace 
Windows and Paid Software. I too ran into the un-active root account. I 
too ran into problems with sound and my isa nic card not working. But 
did I come here and cry, HELL NO! I booted up my iMac, went online did a 
couple VERY QUICK google searches, found the information from others 
that had already had these problems and gotten help and I fixed it 
myself. Now with that said, let me clarify that I DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT 
ABOUT *nix. So if I can find the information and get everything working 
in under 30 minutes. Surely you could do the same if you calmed down 
long enough to think about it logically and search for the right thing. 
For example the root password problem could have been solved by going to 
the 7th search result on google for "ubuntu +root +password" with out 
the quotes.

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