Grub editing ?

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Sat Jan 21 15:00:04 UTC 2006

| Grub editing ?
| squareyes squareyes at
| wrote on Sat Jan 21 00:45:34 GMT 2006

| Hi all,
| am going to install Edubuntu on a separate
| partition,
| am I correct in assuming that Edubuntu will
| take over Grub?
| If so what do I need to do to edit Grub to
| allow me to dual boot Ubuntu and Edubuntu?
| Am pretty much a newbie in this regard, is
| there a wiki page I could check out?
| many thanks in advance.
| Take Care
| Winton


This reference explains HOW-TO use floppies for booting a selected OS from
among several and also how to put all the desired boot options on the hard

You will be able to manage boot selection of Edubuntu or Ubuntu or other OSs
on a single hard disk.

HOW-TO use GRUBB to select/boot the desired OS when you have several OSs on
one hard disk.

Note the several boots of Debian and other OSs at this reference. If the
several boot options for Debian were counted separately, if would be fair to
say this shows NINE boot options on two disks -- all managed by GRUBB.


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