Grub editing ?

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Sat Jan 21 20:38:24 UTC 2006

squareyes a écrit :
> Hi all,
> am going to install Edubutu on a separate partition, am I correct in 
> assuming that Edubutu will
> take over Grub?
> If so what do I need to do to edit Grub to allow me to dual boot Ubuntu 
> and Edubutu?
> Am pretty much a newbie in this regard, is there a wiki page I could 
> check out?
> many thanks in advance.
> Take Care
> Winton
The simpliest way to deal with that is to install Grub again and it 
erases the preceeding one.
Each time I install a new distribution besides one existing, I reinstall
GRUB on the MBR. The installer of the new ditrib. proposes it when the 
install is almost finished, shows the other OS it has detected, be it 
Windows or a Linux distribution or more (I've got 3 on each machine). 
Then the new grub installed writes to his configuration file and puts en 
entry for each OS detected.
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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