Grub editing ?

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| squareyes wrote:
| > Hi all,
| > am going to install Edubutu on a separate partition, am I correct in
| > assuming that Edubutu will
| > take over Grub?
| > If so what do I need to do to edit Grub to allow me to dual boot
| > Ubuntu and Edubutu?
| > Am pretty much a newbie in this regard, is there a wiki page I could
| > check out?
| > many thanks in advance.
| > Take Care
| > Winton
| >
| >
| >
| Edubuntu will alter grub as necessary during the install process.
| Sasha
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Take a look at for the
basics of creating the boot floppy then read more here.

If you will search the HOWTOs, there is one I cannot find this morning which
explains how grub in the first sector on the hard disk can call another grub
(on the hard disk) that offers a couple of boot options. I think that is
what you are asking for, so you can have the Ubuntu and Edubuntu booting

Here is one using floppies to boot any one of several distributions. This
isn't the easiest to read, but it is 'cook-book' enough to get the job done.

If you are also booting windows on the same disk, be aware of the limit of 4
physical partitions - so you must define volume groups to have three or four
bootable systems on one hard disk or dump everything for a distribution into
a single partition without a dedicated 'swap' -- and that will usually
result in a slower system compared to one with a 'swap' partition (even if
it is in a volume group).


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