Ubuntu/Kubuntu on Mac G5.

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Tue Jan 17 02:30:39 UTC 2006

Brian Durant wrote:
> Hi,

- snip -

I can't help with your earlier questions, but...

> 4) How do you mount an HFS+ partition?

for first ide drive:

sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/hdaX /mount/point

for sata/scsi:

sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdaX /mount/point

> 5) How do I spot my Macintosh HD when I install? What will it be  listed 
> as?

For the first ide drive it should be hda, for sata or scsi it should be sda.

Are you planning to dual boot (OSX and Linux) from the same drive? If 
so, you'll need to partition the drive and (re)install OSX, then install 
Ubuntu.  There is some information about this on the wiki:
and the Debian powerpc installation guide is also helpful:

> 6) Solution for the fan reving problem?

I think this is an issue of having proper thermal control in the kernel. 
  I don't have one of these machines so I'm not certain, but I think 
this is supposed to be fixed in recent kernels; you might want to skip 
Breezy and go for the Dapper pre-release to get a newer kernel.

> I have more, but this is a good start. Glad to be back.


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