Rhythmbox Rescan Collection / Remove Dupes?

Ronny Haryanto ronnylist at haryan.to
Tue Jan 10 23:32:35 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 08:20, Darryl Clarke wrote:
> Does anybody know a good/easy way of getting Rhythmbox (by way of
> force) to rescan my collection?
> It _appears_ to attempt to rescan when I load it, and at regular time
> intervals, but it never seems to add new files automagically.

I usually just drag and drop the root directory of my music collection. I 
don't think rhythmbox can add new files automagically like amaroK.

> Also, Is there a way to easily remove (or at least tell me of) duplicates
> songs?

AFAIK, rhythmbox will not add duplicates of an existing file with the same 
path. If you're getting duplicates, you might be adding them from symlinks or 
something. It happened to me before, and now I always add from the same path, 
never from a symlink.

> I tried by re-adding the folder of music, but it just adds duplicates
> which ends up forcing me to kill the entire library file and start
> from scratch, which takes way too long.

I just tried adding the same file twice with my rhythmbox, but only one shows 
up, no duplicates. Rhythmbox 0.9.1.

The xml database file is at ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml if you feel like 
writing a script or something :-)


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