Printing from networked XP to local linux printer

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Tue Jan 10 19:44:07 UTC 2006

R Kimber wrote:
> After two days of trying, I'm starting to wonder if I'm attempting the
> impossible. However, the howtos on the web seem to imply that it is
> straightforward, though they are somewhat confusing. Some say you need
> samba, others says it can just be done with cups. I've followed
> instructions for using cups (it seems to be made all the harder by
> Ubunutu disabling web-based admin tasks: groping around the config
> files isn't very human-friendly)
> I have a working printer on the linux box and I have a working wireless
> network. The two machines can ping each other, and I can establish an
> ftp connection. What I can't do is set up the XP machine to use my linux
> printer.
> I've allowed the XP machine to use port 631 on the linux firewall, I've
> given it permission in cupsd.conf.  I've edited the XP HOSTS file and
> put in the Ubuntu box address, but the XP box always complains that it
> can't connect to the printer when I try to set it up with
> http://<linux box name or even IP address>:631/printers/DeskJet-520
> What else should I be doing?  Or should I give up?
> - Richard.

I'll tell you now, I've had great success and spent little time setting 
up a print server with Samba. Win 2000 and XP see it just fine.
And I used webmin to do the config.

Now as for network printing with cups, let's just say I still haven't 
gotten it to work for 2 ubuntu machines talking to each other although 
it seems like it should be easy, I just can't quite seem to find the 
right edits to even make port 631 on the server show up on a port scan, 
but I'll let you know if I solve it, since it should solve your problem too.


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