AMD64-939 motherboards

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Sun Jan 8 13:46:13 UTC 2006

hi all,

i am using 386-breezy my setup:


    asus a8n sli-premium

- geforce 6600GT

- sb-live

- 2x512 Kingston ValueRAM DDR400 CL3



- deactivated onboard sound

- 1 deactivated onboard LAN (Marvel)

- deactivated all SATA & RAID


Linux = 2.6.12-10-386 

installed nvidia-glx package

i face a strange problem:

bootup until logonscreen works 100%.

i can always hear the little *blup* when its ready to logon.

sometimes when during logon, while playing the startsound:

- sometimes the computer freezes (continously playing a little part of
the startupsound in a loop)

- sometimes it plays the first half of the startupsound then the sound
changes to a constant high frequency (~4000Hz?) beep and shuts off

- sometimes logon continues but all sound ends up as a noisy beep
always at the same frequency (startupsound, and any other audio

- sometimes (when i'm lucky ;) logon works 100% fine and the machine
stays rock-solid, without any problem.

sometimes means totally random e.g. it works 3days perfect, on the 4th
day i have to reboot 5 times until it works, without doing any changes
to my configuration...

i already tried nvidia drivers, no luck, same problem.

but once it started OK, it really kicks ass, playing TC:elite
fullscreen @1280x1024 with antialiasing & anisotropic texturefiltering

also CPUfreq.scaling works perfect with no crashes at anytime...


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