Thin client requirements

Kristian Vilmann kvi at
Fri Jan 6 15:30:15 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
> I noticed this post and have a very similar problem.  Unfortunately, no
> one responded to the previous post.  
> I recently obtained two thin clients:  Sun Ray 1 and Neoware Capio One
> 620.  I am trying to figure a way to build a cheap lab for our school
> running on a linux server.  How can I get either of these to work on
> linux, or ubuntu to be specific?  Sun Ray 1 seems to require Solaris
> and the Neoware takes ICA or Microsoft RDP.  I am new to all this and
> cannot find any help on the web about this.  If I can get one of these
> to work, I can get more of them.

Citrix is available for Solaris. It might also be available some 
Linux-distro. Red Hat probably..... The Neoware will talk to Citrix.
Citrix is not free in any way.

AFAIK SunRay Software is available for RedHat and SuSE. It might be free 
of charge. Check out


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