Thin client requirements

'Forum Post ulist at
Sat Jan 7 14:08:43 UTC 2006

Thanks for the info.  I have spent several hours researching Freenx on
the Ubuntu forum and elsewhere.  I think I will give it a try, although
a few things look complicated in setting up.  I will follow the
directions posted in this forum.

Can Freenx work with a diskless client with ICA?  I see several posts
about installing Freenx on the client, but I can't do that with a
diskless client with no harddrive (I am also working with some 486s as
diskless thin clients that work with LTSP).  If I could install Freenx,
I could potentially run my 486s and the Neoware Capio One Windows CE
from the same server (at least I think).


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