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Sun Jan 1 22:59:29 UTC 2006


I don't like to xpost, but I came across your discussion in ML while
searching all things I could find about dmraid. 

Several years ago we did some tests with md. Finally we found that only
a real HW-RAID scsi controller is robust enough for a production level
system. What I am wondering is that ASUS PSCH-L mainboard contains a
Promise PDC 20319 SATA RAID controller (having one of those, here).
This MB is built into the server ASUS AP-130. It has been sold to us as
an 'entry level production system'.

Because I am not lucky with what I do knowing inbetween:

What controller would you suggest for a real RAID1 SATA hardware
solution reliably working with RAID1 under Debian?

Just BTW: My recent problem is described in more detail here


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