Phillip Susi psusi at
Sun Jan 1 23:22:29 UTC 2006

We have a server where I work that uses some card called Rocketport 
Raid.  I think it was made by adaptec.  I believe that it is a true 
hardware raid, but it very well may be just a more expensive fakeraid. 
I have no idea if it is supported under linux, but there is a good 
chance it is not.

Ironically, a few weeks ago this raid card shat itself and somehow hosed 
up the raid configuration such that it believed that two of the 4 disks 
in the raid5 were a part of one array, and the other 2 were part of a 
completely different array ( with the same name oddly ), so it was 
unable to access the array.  We ended up having to rebuild it and 
restore from backups.

Because of that, I'll trust the open source md more than proprietary 
raid solutions.

> Several years ago we did some tests with md. Finally we found that only
> a real HW-RAID scsi controller is robust enough for a production level
> system. What I am wondering is that ASUS PSCH-L mainboard contains a
> Promise PDC 20319 SATA RAID controller (having one of those, here).
> This MB is built into the server ASUS AP-130. It has been sold to us as
> an 'entry level production system'.
> Because I am not lucky with what I do knowing inbetween:
> What controller would you suggest for a real RAID1 SATA hardware
> solution reliably working with RAID1 under Debian?
> Just BTW: My recent problem is described in more detail here

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