USB Stick with Password under Linux

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Sun Dec 31 13:49:50 UTC 2006

That "cd-rom type" is the U3 fs containing pre-loaded apps to be used
anywhere you plug it in. It is actually supposed to be like this. If you
don't like it - you should've purchased another model....

The reason it's impossible to delete the apps is because they are hard coded
to the hardware and the files copied are the ones it needs as read / write


On 12/31/06, Steve Jeppesen <ampster40 at> wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 10:41:48 +0300
> OOzy Pal wrote:
> > Can some one recommend a USB stick that I can password protect under
> > Linux and Windows?
> >
> I just purchased a Kingston U3 DataTraveler 1 gig this past weekend and
> noticed it had a password/security function built into it - however I
> am unable to test it in either O.S. right now as it is at my place of
> business - and I'm not!
> That link provides a listing of their various USB flashdrives, and the
> top one is listed as "Kingston DataTraveler Secure Privacy
> NEW! DataTraveler Secure - Privacy Edition " - maybe that would work as
> well?
> the datatraveler I purchased has a couple of annoyances though.
> When you plug it in, it mounts two drives, one "cd-rom" type and
> one for your data.  That's for M$ and Linux. I can live with that.
> The "cd-rom" mount doesn't allow you to delete anything, like a normal
> cd-rom.  And according to the instructions, it comes with preloaded
> "apps" on the data mount that can be deleted if desired.
> I found you can delete those apps on the data mount, but every time you
> plug that sucker back in, either in M$ or Linux, it copies three files
> back over from the cdrom mount.  I find that to be rather suspicious
> behavior myself and don't like it.
> Other than that - it's really fast.
> Hope this gets you pointed in a direction at least.
> Steve
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