USB Stick with Password under Linux

Steve Jeppesen ampster40 at
Sun Dec 31 12:28:05 UTC 2006

On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 10:41:48 +0300
OOzy Pal wrote:

> Can some one recommend a USB stick that I can password protect under
> Linux and Windows?

I just purchased a Kingston U3 DataTraveler 1 gig this past weekend and
noticed it had a password/security function built into it - however I
am unable to test it in either O.S. right now as it is at my place of
business - and I'm not!

That link provides a listing of their various USB flashdrives, and the
top one is listed as "Kingston DataTraveler Secure Privacy
NEW! DataTraveler Secure - Privacy Edition " - maybe that would work as

the datatraveler I purchased has a couple of annoyances though.

When you plug it in, it mounts two drives, one "cd-rom" type and
one for your data.  That's for M$ and Linux. I can live with that.

The "cd-rom" mount doesn't allow you to delete anything, like a normal
cd-rom.  And according to the instructions, it comes with preloaded
"apps" on the data mount that can be deleted if desired.

I found you can delete those apps on the data mount, but every time you
plug that sucker back in, either in M$ or Linux, it copies three files
back over from the cdrom mount.  I find that to be rather suspicious
behavior myself and don't like it.

Other than that - it's really fast.

Hope this gets you pointed in a direction at least.


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