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Avi Schwartz ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com
Fri Dec 29 23:25:37 UTC 2006

Colin Brace wrote:

> On 12/29/06, Avi Schwartz <ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com> wrote:
>> As I said, I am running my own server for more then 5 years.  That's
>> also experience speaking. :-)
> In my part of the world, all lines are underground, so I don't have to
> worry about falling trees and neighbors with lawnmowers. :) I think my
> main concern would be something like the router hanging while I was on
> an extended trip somewhere. During those five years, what was the
> longest period you left it unattended? Or, to frame the question
> another way, have you ever had your mail server go offline and why?
In my area they are underground as well :-)

The mail server was down once for two days when I lost my hard drive and 
I had to get a replacement drive and rebuild the server. I have good 
backups though so I was fine.

Occasionally (pretty rare) I would lose my connection for couple of 
hours due to ISP problems but then I had the connection go down on my 
work's T1 from time to time as well, so it is not unique to my ISP.

You can purchase a backup MX (about $30 a year) and turn it on only when 
you leave on an extended vacation so that even if your 
machine/connection/router is down you will be safe.


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