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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Dec 29 21:47:17 UTC 2006

Avi Schwartz wrote:

> Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
>> A "legit" mail server will attempt to redeliver mail for as long as the
>> admin decides it should. There's multitudes of servers out there
>> running on a three day rule. And I've seen some quit trying in one. If
>> you're depending on admins to blindly accept the default setting of one
>> piece of software you *will* be sunk.
> In more then 5 years of running my own server never had any such
> problem, even when my server was down for 2 days while I was rebuilding
> it.

You don't really know though - if someone got an "undeliverable" message, 9
times out of 10 they'll have checked the address, assumed they did
something wrong, and resent it, and you won't ever hear that there was a

>> Even if every mail server on the planet tried to deliver for 5 days it

Which I agree they don't...

>> wouldn't help the poor slob who called his provider and was told it
>> would be a week before someone could come out and take care of his
>> problem. There's no guarantee residential service outages won't cause
>> lost mail even with a 5 day grace period. At least not at any service
>> provider I've ever dealt with.

Where I live, residential phone/cable service has been out twice for more
than 5 days in the last five years on our whole road (some hundreds of
customers) - and that's just because of major line damage.  If it only
affected a few homes, we wouldn't know. The local cable provider is
renowned for long outages...

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