Home IMAP server

Colin Brace cb at lim.nl
Fri Dec 29 21:35:25 UTC 2006

On 12/29/06, Avi Schwartz <ubuntu-users874 at cfftechnologies.com> wrote:

> As I said, I am running my own server for more then 5 years.  That's
> also experience speaking. :-)

In my part of the world, all lines are underground, so I don't have to
worry about falling trees and neighbors with lawnmowers. :) I think my
main concern would be something like the router hanging while I was on
an extended trip somewhere. During those five years, what was the
longest period you left it unattended? Or, to frame the question
another way, have you ever had your mail server go offline and why?

  Colin Brace

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