Network Color Printing Problem

Michael Reich mareich49 at
Thu Dec 28 22:35:47 UTC 2006

I have Dapper running on a computer with both a Dymo Labelwriter printer 
and an HP Officejet 6110 (all in one) printer attached.  I can print 
from the linux box to these printers.  I have a home network with WinXP 
(SP2) computers as well as the linux box.  The three machines can all 
see each other and I am able to share folders among them. 

The issue I'm having is the HP printer.  While I can print to it from my 
XP laptop, I cannot print to it in color.  Everything, including the XP 
test page, is in black and white.  From Dapper, color prints fine (test 
page is all I've tried).  I can't figure out what has happened, but the 
XP test page (and the printer properties) indicate that there is no 
color support.  Other details include

printer name:    \\http://BORIS-UBUNTU:631\OfficeJet6110
printer model:  HP OfficeJet
Color support: No
Port name:  http://boris-ubuntu:631/printers/Officejet-6110
data format:  RAW
driver name: UNIDRV.DLL
data file:   HPOFFJET.GPD
config file:  UNIDRVUI.DLL
Help file:    UNIDRV.HLP
Driver version:  5.00
Environment:  Windows NT x86

Can someone please tell me how to remedy this?  I want the ability to 
print in color from the XP machines.

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