libdvdcss2 installed, but encrypted DVDs no longer play

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Sat Dec 23 14:45:52 UTC 2006

Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> My DVD drive has stopped playing region encrypted DVDs - doesn't matter 
> what player (MythTV, mplayer, xine...).  However, libdvdcss2 has always 
> been installed (originally the PLF one, but I'm currently trying 
> 1.2.9-2medibuntu1) and I'm not aware that anything else has changed 
> since it was working.
> I'm almost thinking it's a sudden hardware problem, but is that even 
> possible?  It plays non-encrypted content fine.  Does anyone have any 
> ideas?  How would I troubleshoot this further?
> Thanks.
I am running the plf version 1.2.9-1 with no problems.  Have you tried 
going back to that version to see if things work again with that 
version?  I have no idea why it would quit working, but if that is the 
only change you made, see if the previous version works.  If it doesn't, 
then you know your problem is somewhere else.

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