Ubuntu on a 486?

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at openforce.com
Wed Dec 13 06:37:17 UTC 2006

Am 13.12.2006 um 07:21 schrieb Adriano Varoli Piazza:

> On 12/13/06, Martin Marcher <martin.marcher at openforce.com> wrote:
>> I'm curious, what would you (or all the other people) gain if ubuntu
>> dropped support for everything under a $CPU_IN_QUESTION
> Well, the obvious answer would be "the developers Canonical pays for
> this would then be able to do something else to provide us with the
> best distro on the desktop", or, failing that (it's better to pay
> someone to do a job he/she already likes) "Canonical could pay
> developers to focus more on their specifical objectives".
> Edubuntu isn't Ubuntu, nor are Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Christian Linux (I
> don't recall the name, and due to a very interesting
> problem^Wopportunity here in Italy, I don't have access to most of the
> web), etc.
> They all have implicit assent from Canonical, it's all well and good,
> but they don't actually get paid. Which sometimes, when you want to
> push something off the door, is mighty important.

Still, I'd like to know what you expect to gain if dropping support  
for a certain CPU type (keep in mind it's still x86 not some seldomly  
used architecture)

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