OT Using Internet Sharing on a Wireless PC

Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Thu Dec 7 01:55:51 UTC 2006

12062006 1953 GMT-6

Sorry about that. I'll describe this out.
My computer is hooked directly to the cable modem and the laptop is
wireless to the same cable modem. 

If I hook the PS2 directly to the modem in place of my computer and then
use the laptop as the internet connection for the PS3, that is what I
was wanting to do. 

I ran into the problem of shared internet connection relies on having as the address and the laptop has .0.4. I dont know if what
I wanted to do was possible but I thought it might be. 


On Thu, 2006-12-07 at 01:28 +0000, Garry Knight wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
> > My friend has a new PS3 (amazing I know) and we wanted to play it
> > online. Right now I only have this computer which is wired into my cable
> > modem and my laptop which is wireless.
> And your wireless laptop connects to what?
> > What I wanted to do is, I want to plug the PS3 into my laptop and allow
> > internet connection sharing to work (my wifes ThinkPad with WindozXP)
> > and then my old PS2 direct into the cable modem.
> And the ThinkPad connects to what?
> > Its the wireless part that Im having trouble with.
> It's visualizing the whole setup that I'm having trouble with. Could you
> draw a diagram?
> It seems to me that as long as you get the two or more wireless bits talking
> to each other (and Ad-Hoc mode with fixed IPs might be your best route)
> then all you need is to make sure that each machine on the LAN knows its
> default gateway. Oh, and the gateway machine needs to be set up for NAT
> (Network Address Translation), which you do by installing certain firewall
> rules - on Linux at least; if the WinXP machine is the gateway, then I
> assume you've already set it up for ICS.
> -- 
> Garry Knight
> garryknight at gmx.net

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