OT Using Internet Sharing on a Wireless PC

Garry Knight garryknight at gmx.net
Thu Dec 7 01:28:48 UTC 2006

Wade Smart wrote:

> My friend has a new PS3 (amazing I know) and we wanted to play it
> online. Right now I only have this computer which is wired into my cable
> modem and my laptop which is wireless.

And your wireless laptop connects to what?

> What I wanted to do is, I want to plug the PS3 into my laptop and allow
> internet connection sharing to work (my wifes ThinkPad with WindozXP)
> and then my old PS2 direct into the cable modem.

And the ThinkPad connects to what?

> Its the wireless part that Im having trouble with.

It's visualizing the whole setup that I'm having trouble with. Could you
draw a diagram?

It seems to me that as long as you get the two or more wireless bits talking
to each other (and Ad-Hoc mode with fixed IPs might be your best route)
then all you need is to make sure that each machine on the LAN knows its
default gateway. Oh, and the gateway machine needs to be set up for NAT
(Network Address Translation), which you do by installing certain firewall
rules - on Linux at least; if the WinXP machine is the gateway, then I
assume you've already set it up for ICS.

Garry Knight
garryknight at gmx.net

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